Lab Members

Onur Ferhanoglu
Mustafa berke yelten
ramin khayatzadeh
S. Kaan Cetindag
 Onur Ferhanoglu  Mustafa Berke Yelten  Ramin Khayatzadeh  S. Kaan Cetindag
 Principal Investigator    Masters Student  Masters Student
Onur Ferhanoğlu received B.S. and M.S. degrees from Bilkent University, in 2003 and 2005 respectively, in Electrical Engineering. In 2005, he joined the Optical Microsystems Laboratory at Koç University as a graduate researcher, where he developed MEMS based thermal imaging sensor arrays. During graduate studies, he visited Johns Hopkins University (2004), Georgia Tech. (2007) and EPFL (2010) as a research scholar. After receiving his Ph.D. (2011), he became a post-doctoral fellow at Femtosecond Laser Assisted Biophotonics Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, where he played a keyrole in the development of an ultrafast laser microsurgery scalpel (2011-2014).
Ramin Khayatzadeh was born in Salmas, Iran in 1990. He received the B.S. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Urmia University in 2012 and currently, he is M.Sc. student of electronic engineering in Istanbul Technical University. His research interests are biomedical optics, MEMS and analog and digital integrated circuit design and its application in fuzzy systems. He is currently with Electronic Engineering Department and Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory (EDL) in Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
Ş. Kaan Çetindağ was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1993. He received his BSc degree in Electrics & Electronics Engineering from Koc University in 2015 and he’s continuing his education in ITU Biomedical Enginering graduate programme. He is currently doing research in Electro-Optic Devices Library (EDL) in Istanbul Technical University. His research interests include BioMEMS, in-vivo diagnostics/treatment and computational neuroscience.
janset savas

ahmet selman kurt
 Janset Savas  Gokce Kasap  Bugra Kadir Arikan  Ahmet Selman Kurt
 Master Student  Master Student  Undergraduate Student  Undergraduate Student
Janset Savaş was born in İstanbul in 1992. She received her B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from İstanbul Bilgi University in 2015 with full scholarship and currently is a M.Sc. student of Electronic Engineering in Istanbul Technical University. Her research interests are biomedical optics and MEMS. She is currently doing research in Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory (EDL) in Istanbul Technical University and working as a TA in İstanbul Bilgi University Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Gökçe Kasap was born in 1991 in Adıyaman.She received the B.S degree in Biomedical Engineering from Erciyes University in 2010.She is M.Sc student of biomedical engineering in İstanbul Technical University.She working as a teacher in Biomedical High School a part time.Her research interest are biomedical optics and biomedical imaging.she is currently Electro Optic Devices Laboratory in İstanbul Technical University. Buğra Kadir Arıkan was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1993. He is a B.S. degree student in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in Istanbul Technical University. His studies are focused on digital signal processing, Fourier optics, computational science and communication systems. He is currently a student researcher in Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory (EDL) in Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.
Ahmet Selman Kurt is a senior-year undergraduate student in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. His research interests are biomedical optics, brain-thought analysis and brain-computer interfaces. In Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory (EDL), he is working on developing michelson interferometer based optical coherence tomography. 
 Sacid Aygun  Burak Mert Gonultas    
 Undergraduate Student  Undergraduate Student    
Sacid Aygün was born in Bolu, Turkey in 1996. He is a junior student in Electronics and Communications Engineering Department in Istanbul Technical University. He has completed an internship at VLSI labs in ITU. He is currently participating in a research at Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory (EDL) in ITU. Burak Mert Gonultas was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1995. He is currently pursuing a B. S. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a B. S. degree in Computer Engineering as second major in Istanbul Technical University. His research interests are MEMS, embedded software development and digital system design.



Fehmi Civitci
Y. Daghan Gokdel
hakan urey
Mujdat Zeybel
 Fehmi Civitci  Y. Daghan Gokdel  Hakan Urey  Mujdat Zeybel
 Oregon Health & Science University  Istanbul Bilgi University  Koc University  Koc University
Fatih M. Toy
Hamdi Torun
Arda Yalcçnkaya
Seydi yavas
 M. Fatih Toy  Hamdi Torun  Arda Yalcinkaya  Seydi Yavas
 Istanbul Medipol University  Bogazici University  Bogazici University  Bogazici University

Open Positions

Master and PhD candidates, interested in biomedical optics and MEMS research, are sought. Please contact Dr. Ferhanoğlu with your CV and 2 references. Graduate Funding may be available through EDL projects, through teaching assistantship at the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of ITU, or through TUBITAK (BIDEB 2211 masters/doctoral fellowships). We also welcome post-doc’s through TUBITAK (BIDEB 2218).

Expectations from graduate students: You should have already grasped basic concepts on signals & systems and electromagnetics. Skimming through EDL’s publications and related work from the literature, accompanied by weekly discussions with the supervisor, you are expected to propose your own thesis topic within 3 months. You are also expected to crown your thesis with a journal publication. 


 Melisa Altinsoy
 Polytechnico di Milano